BEK represents…
Be Expressive Kids!
Be Expressive Key-man in your society!
These are what we want you to be.

BEK Lab is a borderless educational research institute created to provide an educational method that can be utilized by all people in their lives, regardless of age, disability, gender, or nationality. We promote the research, development, implementation, and expansion of education, both domestically and abroad, from our base locations in Kanagawa and Tokyo with the aim of building “education that acts as a guide for each individual (i.e. the BEK Method).”

We look at information taken in by all 5 senses from many different perspectives, and put importance on an inquisitive attitude. We are confident that focusing on the steps that lead to flexible output of expressions, including information input and processing, and learning how to properly execute this method will vastly open up the perspectives and possibilities available to each individual, and create new levels of creativity through communication as well.

BEK Lab aims to develop individuals capable of utilizing their talents in society so that they may support a variety of industries throughout the world.
Let’s find fulfilling experiences and new discoveries through using the intelligence and sensibilities we’ve developed to prepare the condition (state) of both our minds and bodies.


BEK Lab Representative and
Founder of the BEK Method

Tsubasa Sekiguchi